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Some New Psychotherapy Content

This Blog will be where we, the Creative Now therapists, share our perspectives on different aspects of the psychotherapy world and updates to our therapy services. Soon you will see posts sharing what we hope is useful content to you. Especially for folks looking to start and/or learn about therapy. This content can also help you understand how we at, Creative Now Therapy, orient around therapy.

Updates on our Psychotherapy Services:

  1. We are adding more services and are especially excited to announce that Psychotherapist, Christine Nasol, is joining our team! Christine has over 10 years of experience providing quality therapy to adolescents and adults. While Christine is a talented talk therapist, she is also specialized in Music and Art therapy interventions. You can read more about Christine here.
  2. We are also excited to announce that psychotherapist, Lavender Roland Waring, is offering couples therapy & counseling to folks who identify as queer or an in queer partnership/s. Lavender is also especially interested and specializes in short-term Friendship Mediation and Counseling. Get in touch with Lavender by sending them an email at: lavender@creativenowtherapy.com
  3. Speaking of short-term therapy, our psychotherapist, Autumn Potter, is now offering short-term Art Psychotherapy sessions for folks who want to work on a specific issue or want growth without the long-term commitment of therapy. Autumn offers 10 highly curated sessions. For these sessions, she creates and collaborates with you on a plan of action for your treatment based on your goals, needs, and wants. Get in touch with Autumn by sending her an email at: autumn@creativenowtherapy.com

A little bit about us:

We are: Cris, Autumn, Lavender, and Christine and we’re trained, certified, and licensed to provide psychotherapy. Within this umbrella, we practice the following modalities: Talk therapy, Somatic therapy, Mindfulness, Gestalt therapy, and Creative Arts Therapy. We integrate these modalities to create a unique plan of treatment for all of our clients.

What type of psychotherapy is right for me?

There are many modalities within psychotherapy (beyond the ones listed here), and it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. Please feel free to also email us with any questions you have about how we work. Alternatively, you can set up a free consultation call with us, just visit: https://calendly.com/cnt-cristina. You can also read more about us here: www.creativenowtherapy.com

And, feel free to share this resource with others.