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Christine Nasol
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Lavender Roland Waring
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Autumn Potter
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Cristina Maria Fort Garcés
Psychotherapist & Clinical Director
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We’re with you & we’re here to help you be with You.

Our therapists have dedicated their lives to being the best at helping people go from stuck to thriving, anxious to calm, hopeless to hopeful.

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Our Story:

Creative Now Therapy began in 2013 with me, Cris. I quickly became aware of how isolating and lonely private practice can be and this inspired me to create this current collective of therapists, this group psychotherapy practice in New York. My vision is to continue to collaborate with passionate therapists and support our professional growth and mental health. I believe that by supporting therapists with deserved pay increases, education/training opportunities, and benefits that they will provide you, the client, the best therapy they can. I'm not interested in creating a therapy mill but rather a community of caring therapists supporting one another in order to, more importantly, support you in your therapy journey.

Getting Started with Your Therapist:

Book your free initial consultation by clicking the orange button located on every page or send us a message through our contact form Here.

After that Cris, the Clinical director or one of the therapist’s that you’ve emailed will get in touch with you set up a free 15-minute consultation call to see if we might be a fit.

If you decide to move forward with us, you will be given a dedicated time slot and a secure telehealth link to begin your weekly 45-minute telehealth or coaching sessions. You will also be connected to our portal where you can view and sign our practice forms. Our first session will be blend of a session and an intake to make sure forms and pertinent information is shared by both the client and therapist.

You might be wondering, “how do I prepare for my first session?”

There is no need to prepare anything. Therapy is an exploration of the self. Let’s get to know you just as you are. If you do want to prepare, please bring art supplies and any other healing tools you'd like to be part of therapy. We’d also love to hear about what you want to get out of therapy and your ideas about what therapy is or can be.

It may also be supportive (but not necessary) to consider the following:

1. You're curiosity will be your biggest ally.

2. Staying with and reporting on your present moment experiences.

3. Sharing your honest reactions to creative experiments in mindfulness, especially if you don't like how something feels or if you simply don't want to do something - often a great exploration can come from this.

4. Allowing your reactions to happen as much as you safely can.

5. Some willingness to experience uncomfortable feelings.