Autumn Potter, LCAT, ATR-BC
Brief Psychodynamic Therapy & Couples Therapist

Hi, I’m Autumn, she/her, I’m a Psychotherapist and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. I provide brief psychodynamic therapy to couples, adults, and children/adolescents engage their inner resources and creativity to provide them support in developing their unique and organic coping skills and management of their emotional experience.

“I am holistically oriented and welcome your vast array of beliefs and world views to further enhance our therapy together.”

My philosophy and practice are grounded in the process of self-discovery and deepening awareness through our present moment experience, our body’s wisdom, and our creativity.

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What does therapy with me look like?

My approach to therapy is holistic, using mindfulness and creative interventions to enhance your ability to get your needs met and to make choices with more awareness and agency. I will safely guide you in tuning into your body, beliefs, and patterns to develop greater emotional presence and tolerance and to move more fluidly through difficult life circumstances.

Who I work with:

I work with couples, adults, and children/adolescents, who struggle to feel safe in expressing their authentic selves and voice. I have specialized in blending somatic interventions with the expressive arts. My other area of expertise is working parents to navigate parenthood and with young adults in navigating cultural expectations and beliefs around adulthood.

My identities:

I’m a New Yorker, a Coloradan, a musician, and an avid hiker. Prior to my life as a therapist and teacher, I was an actor, making me a truly multi-modal therapist.

Before joining Creative Now Therapy:

I've worked with adults and children (including preschool age, refugee youth, and adolescents) as a teacher, therapist, and art educator for over 10 years in a variety of settings, including 5 years as a teacher in public and private schools. This has greatly informed my ability to engage clients safely and with compassion and provide excellent coordination with parents, caregivers, and family. I also have experience developing curricula that provides multi-sensory experiences, allowing me to deliver art therapy interventions that are both engaging and individually tailored. I spent a year training on an adult inpatient psych unit and another year with children and adolescents with major mental health diagnoses, treating the underlying trauma that often accompanies them. During the pandemic I led a creative arts therapy group with older adults (65+) to provide them support and community.

Training / Experience:

- Nationally Art Therapy Registered + Board Certified (ATR-BC, & Licensed to practice Creative Arts Therapy in New York State.

- Certified in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, DSP, through the Center for Somatic Studies in New York:

- Masters in Creative Arts Therapy though The School of Visual Arts (, graduating with high honors and a recipient of the Ray Levine Award.

- I have completed Level 1 + 2 of the Gottman Method for couples:

- I have completed Sue Johnsons Emotionally Focused Therapy training for couples:

- I am currently training to become Sex Therapy certified with Dr. Tammy Nelson:

- I collaborate with the Making Headway Foundation to support families with children who have brain and spinal cord tumors with Creative Arts Therapy: (

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