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Help Your Teen Feel Like Themselves.

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We Offer Therapy to Teens age 12 & up in NY

Our Therapy Services:

  • Talk Therapy: Not all teens feel safe or comfortable expressing themselves through art making. We make sure to establish safety first & follow their rhythm.

  • Creative Arts Therapy

    • Art Therapy: A dynamic modality that includes personal narratives & life events expressed through imagery including: drawing, painting, collaging, book-making, photography, comics, clay, digital arts & literally anything you can think of, we'll make it happen.

    • Music Therapy: We specilize in innovative music therapy techniques including: therapeutic playlist making, songwriting, music & imagery, singing, & vocal psychotherapy

    • Movement Therapy: Your teen never has to leave the chair to particpate in movement therapy, bc we are always moving (breath is movement). This modaility is more about bringing attention to how feelings are living in their bodies & helping them to sort out their complex experiences. However, if they do feel like expressing themselves through overt movement we are here to facilitate that.

Get help for your Adolescent

Our adolescents are having a tough time; navigating social media/friends, recovering from the pandemic, wondering who and what they are, and feeling significant worry about their futures. And us parents were not given a map. We're here to help them and you, the caregivers, navigate this unique time alongside the many other milestones of teendom.

Creative Arts Therapy sessions can help adolescents access and learn about their feelings and identity in a way that makes sense for them. We like to use artmaking as a portal for discussing difficult topics. Sometimes, we have yet to find the right words to describe our experiences and making art gives us the language to express ourselves. The art psychotherapy process is also an incredible tool that supports teens in problem solving and discovering new ways to cope that are unique to them and their needs.

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Some Important Details:

  • We start with a 15-25 minute free consultation with the primary caregivers to see if you or your child or adolescent might be a fit for therapy or caregiving support sessions.
  • Sessions are 45 minutes and offered remotely via our privacy protected telehealth platform.
  • The cost is $125-200 per session, depending on sliding scale availability and the therapist.
  • Venmo or PayPal are accepted. You can add your credit card to Venmo or Paypal if you need to pay that way.
  • Cancellation Policy: The time we book is set aside for you. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or the full session fee is charged.
  • Please email christine@creativenowtherapy.com with any questions or go to the contact page or go to the contact page, here, and submit your inquiry there.